Todd Parker Official GFNCS Coach

Todd Parker named Gran Fondo National Championship Series (GFNCS) Official Coach & Training Consultant

Coach Todd Parker (427x640)May 28, 2013.  In collaboration with Former Professional Rider and GFNCS Founder Reuben Kline, Todd Parker was named the Gran Fondo National Championship Series Official Coach and Training Consultant.  Todd Parker is former Professional Triathlete, exercise physiologist, endurance sports coach, personal trainer, author, public speaker, guest lecturer, and strength and conditioning specialist with a Masters Degree in Exercise Physiology & Human Performance. He has raced competitively in road races, criteriums, ultra marathon cycling events, and participates in numerous charity events and centuries every year.  This level of training and racing experience, coupled with a Masters Degree and numerous national and international certifications, places him at an unparalleled level of expertise in all of the factors of training, nutrition, fueling, hydrating, and maintaining electrolyte balances in endurance competitions ranging from 30 minutes to 24 hours.  It is because of Todd’s passion for cycling and its opportunity for every level to participate in one event simultaneously – such as only the Gran Fondo can offer in cycling, that the Gran Fondo National Championship Series chose Todd and is honored to have him join us.  In fact, Todd will be racing in the Gran Fondo National Championship held in Frederick, Maryland on September 22nd.  In the coming weeks and months, Todd will be developing a 16-week Gran Fondo Training Plan for the beginner/first-timer, as well as the intermediate competitive amateur and pro/elite levels as well.  These training plans will be available for purchase on the GFNCS and registration websites nationwide.

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