Race Email and event details Gran Fondo Florida

Thank you for registering for the 5th annual Gran Fondo Florida on Sunday March 26th

Please read all notes below 

All Timing Chips must be picked up on race morning.
You must return you timing chip or you will be charged $100.
Please make sure you return it!

You must start on time at 8:00 AM or your times will not be counted. Race briefing is at 7:45 on Pennsylvania Avenue in San Antonio, FL under the arch. Be there.

This is not a Start to Finish Race! Time sections determine placement.

The course is open to traffic – you must obey traffic laws! That means stop at lights and stop signs.

Registration will also be available at an increased fee on Saturday and Sunday, tell your friends to sign up now, they can still register.

Packet Pick Up: (You must check-in in person and you must have ID to check in)

  • Saturday 3/25/17 From 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM at Vo2 Max Cycles 32807 Pennsylvania Ave, San Antonio, FL 33576
  • Sunday 3/26/17 From 6:00 AM to 7:15 AM  Pennsylvania Avenue in San Antonio, FL  (at location of race start)
  • We recommend picking up your packet on Saturday to avoid the rush on race morning
  • If you plan to pick up on Sunday morning before the race, don’t be afraid to be early, you are better off having some extra time, you will need it.

If you’re around on Saturday Check out the EPT seminar:  Building The Machine Workshop

All Timing Chips must be picked up on race morning. This is a very quick process that is separate from check-in, you will need to show your race number to get your chip.  You can be dressed adn ready to ride and swing by to get your chip.

Click here for parking map
Please help the reputation of cyclist in the area and park in the designated parking.
DO NOT park in spaces downtown or around the park or any church
Park in parking-field at 108 College Ave San Antonio, FL 33576

Aid Stations:
There will be four aid stations along the 100 mile route; two on the 55mi, and one on the 35 mile route (35mi will also have mini-aid with only water, Heed, and Hammer Gel). Each of the other aid station will be fully stocked with: Water, Heed, Hammer Gel, Endurolyte Fizz, Bananas, PB&J Sandwiches, Cookies, Chips and Pretzels, and other snacks.

Aid-Stations will have bathrooms.  Please use bathrooms.  One of the biggest local complaints is cyclists peeing on the side of the road.  Please help our reputation and use porta-johns.

Lost items: We are not responsible for lost or damaged goods or anything left at aid stations or the start finish area. We will try to help but cannot be responsible for your personal items, including your bike.

Timing Chips
All riders must have timing chips installed on race morning.

You will be issued a timing chip, if you do not return the timing chip you will be charged $100.
Race numbers must be mounted on your back right side and be easily readable.

Route Navigation: The route will be very well marked; however, we suggest you get the RideWithGPS App and load the route to your smart phone or GPS.

Use this RSVP Code to access premium RideWithGPS features and get turn by turn navigation for free: https://ridewithgps.com/events/32029-gran-fondo-florida?rsvp_code=2qAjNZFuiOo1pVzV

Maps for Gran Fondo Florida,  GFNCS

Get the RideWithGPS App and load the route to your smart phone or GPS

Time Section Maps (Specific)

Time Sections: (THE RACE) – This is not a start to finish race, your overall time is not calculated only time sections count.

You Must Obey Traffic Laws. This is not a closed course, Think Safety First.

Do not cause an accident!!!

Be respectful of others on the road!


During all race sections you have the right of way. When you are outside of race sections you do not have the right of way. You will not be racing through any intersections; this means when you come to a sign or signal you should slow down, stop, and be safe.

There are timed sections along the route. As you approach the timed sections you must travel through the designated area (in your lane of traffic!) so that your chip can be properly read and recorded. The times for your timed sections will be compiled and determine placement. 100 mile has 4 timed sections; 55 mile has 2 timed sections; 35 mile has 1 timed section. You can view all the details for timed section with the above map links, click the map icons for details.

Timed sections are open for specific durations. In order to be timed and eligible for awards you must maintain a progression speed between 23mph and 10mph. NOTE: this is progression speed not average speed, progression speed includes all stopped time. Below is a list stating the times sections are open

Cut off times No exceptions for 100 & 55 mile riders!
If you do not maintain an average progression speed greater than 10mph you will be directed to take a shorter route. These cut-off spots will happen at the pre-established splits and you will be directed to the shorter route. Please Note: This is a 10mph progression speed, not average speed. Progression speed includes all stopped time. No exceptions!


  • Awards presented three deep for each category for fastest section times.
  • Custom produced Giordana Gran Fondo Florida Winners kits will be awarded to the fastest riders in each age category of the Gran Route 100 mile event. These will be mailed to you post event in the size you order.
  • Time Section Primes – The fastest female in section 1 and in section 3, and the fastest male in section 2 and in section 4, and the will win a Bertucci watch.
  • The Mid Pack Attack Prime- The rider with the middle ranking time in the Batten Road time section will win a GFNCS kit from Giordana. (If two riders qualify for the middle time The one present will win, if neither rider is at awards a coin toss will be used to determine the winner).
  • $1000 CASH PURSE will be dividing (at race director’s discretion) to the Overall top 3 male and top 3 female riders of the 100 mile distance.
  • $500 for fastest four person team in teh Gran Route details at:  https://www.granfondonationalchampionshipseries.com/team-category/

Estimated times to start awards – 100mile 4PM to 5PM; 60 mile & 35 mile 2PM to 3PM.

We will try to do awards as early as possible. Please understand, it is not possible to tell who won until everyone is finished… this is the nature of a gran fondo, the first one back is not necessarily the winner. We will have great food and drink, to help you get to the awards. You will not be given any awards until the awards ceremony. If you do place in the top three of your age group, and you cannot/wish-not-to wait for the awards ceremony, you can send a self-addressed postage-paid mailing package to us and we will mail you your award. If you are not present at awards you will not receive any prizes, the prize will go to raffle and make someone else happy.

Yes the raffle, we will be holding a raffle directly following 100 mile awards, we will have great stuff for the raffle from our sponsors including prizes such as: Industry Nine hubset, Feedback Sports bike stand, SeaSucker vacuum mount bike rack, Swiftwick socks, Polar Bottles, Rudy Project, Shimano components, Jittery Joe’s Coffee, Crotch Guard, CycleStar, a holiday at Garda Bike Hotel in Italy,  as well as other prizes). Yes, it’s worth sticking around for!  (List subject to change)

Post Ride Food:
You receive a complementary meal with you entry – Enjoy the great food from Hungry Harry’s BBQ 

Thanks to all of our great sponsors: Giordana Cycling, Swiftwick, Bicycling Magazine, Bertucci Performance Watches, Hammer Nutrition, SeaSucker Vacuum Mount Bike Racks, CycleStar, Shimano, Industry Nine, Capua Law Firm, Polar Bottle, Rudy Project, Feedback Sports, Peaks Coaching Group, David’s World Cycle, Jittery Joe’s Coffee, BikeFlights, HUB Lables, Elite Performance Team, and Visit Pasco.

Start Time:

Riders meeting to take place at 7:45am.  Event to start at 8:00am.

Event will start and finish on Pennsylvania Avenue in San Antonio, FL.


See map: Google Maps

Pennsylvania Avenue in San Antonio, FL.

What to bring:

Please check the weather and make sure you have adequate clothing.

Bring two water bottles.


Results will be posted on our website

Results are fully searchable – just click on things

Near by Accommodations 

Attraction and Things-To-Do in the area

If you’re around on Saturday Check out the EPT seminar:  Building The Machine Workshop

From the staff of GFNCS, we would like to thank you once again for your participation. If you have any questions feel free to send us an email at info@granfondochampionship.com

Tell your friends to get registered now! The course is dialed!

Yours Truly,