A GFNCS Series Championship title will be awarded to the racer, in each Gran Route age group category (~100 mile), who has the fewest amount of points after participating in a minimum of three races.

Racers must attend at least three events to qualify for series titles.  At each race, a racers points equal their placing in that event. 1st place gets one point, 2nd place gets 2 points….37th place gets 37 points. Your series standing is determined by adding the three lowest scores together. Say a rider finishes 3rd at one event, 8th at another event, and 1st in their last event; the riders series score would be 12; (3+8+1=12). 

If you race more than three races your worst score will be dropped and only your best three races will be calculated towards the overall.

If there is a tie, the tie will be broken in the final event of the series- If one of the tied riders does not show to the final event then the attending rider will take the win.  If both tied riders fail to attend the final event, points earned at the National Championship in Frederick, MD will be weighted to determine the winner. If neither rider attends the National Championship in Frederick, or the final event, the title will go to the rider with the most recent result. 

Please note:

The series championship applies to the series, the Gran Fondo National Championship in Frederick, MD counts as a one of the eight races in the series. The riders with the best three race finishes will be crowned winners of the Gran Fondo National Championship Series.

The Gran Fondo National Championship in Frederick, MD is also a stand alone single day race for the National Championship title and the winners of the Gran Route (~100 mile) at this event will be crowned Gran Fondo National Champion – This applies to each age group category in the Gran Route (~100 mile).